Investigations International is an investigative consulting firm positioned to provide law firms and corporations with the detailed, yet often hard to find information essential to make well-informed decisions. These decisions must be based on all available information in order to be sound, to both protect and safeguard often valuable capital, tangible and intangible assets, and also to safeguard our client's reputation.

For over 30 years, our investigators have provided clients with timely, precise, and cost-effective information upon which to base their decisions.

Our team of professionals include former FBI agents, police detectives, forensic accountants, investigative journalists, and database research specialists. In each engagement, our team selection is based on the nature of the assignment and the unique needs of our client. Our investigators work directly with our clients, rather than utilizing multiple levels of investigative management, thus avoiding inflated engagement costs.

Our clients benefit from our unique ability to locate and mine the relevant and precise information from a myriad of facts. We employ sophisticated investigative techniques, not only to find this information, but to make sense of it. Once we do, the picture becomes clear, and the pieces of the puzzle fit together.